Creatively equipping the next generation to know God, find community, and change the world.

In Matthew 28:19, we’re commanded to “Go and make disciples…” Our ministry exists to reach and disciple students for the glory of God. To do this, we’re establishing a culture where students can belong, grow in their faith, and learn to lead others.


Goals for our Students

Develop a deep relationship with Jesus.
Develop muscles of cultural discernment.
Develop intergenerational relationships.
Engage in countercultural mission.
Train for vocational discipleship.


Our goal is to help our students grow spiritually by learning and applying what we teach in a way that is developmentally appropriate.


In our large and small group programs, students will be nourished from a balanced diet of biblical truth from carefully selected curriculum. Our goal is to touch on a variety of categories each year, including Christian basics, apologetics, theology, Bible book studies, and key topics.

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