Join us Sundays at 9:30am


Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings all of our high school students, as well as their leaders, meet in the Student Center Chapel at 9:30am. They are encouraged to check-in at the cafe located right outside of the chapel and then head into the chapel for announcements, music, and teaching from God's Word. 

Pastor Nick Rundlett will be teaching through a series titled," 7 ways your phone is changing you" this summer. 

Previous Sunday morning studies include:

Summer 2017- 7 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

Winter/Spring '16-'17- Ephesians & "Better Together"

Summer 2016- Ask Me Anything

Fall/Winter/Spring '15-'16- Colossians

Summer 2015- Context Matters

Fall/Winter/Spring '14-'15- Proverbs

Summer 2014- Acceptable Sins

Fall/Winter/Spring '13-'14- Galatians

Fall/Winter/Spring '12-'13- 1 Peter