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2018 Service Trips

The following trips are being offered for the Summer of 2018. Below you will find very basic information. For more information please contact the trip leader listed under each trip. Applications can also be found below. 


Holiday, Florida

When I June 19th-June 27th

Who I Middle and High School Families as well as individual High School students

Cost I $700 for an individual/$2500 for a family of 4 or more

More Information I We have an amazing opportunity to help a church revitalization in Holiday, Florida called Holiday Bible Church. We are helping to reach the community around them through a sports camp, a community night, and door to door evangelism. This is a family trip as well as a student trip meaning we will be taking middle school families as well as high school students who want to go as individuals. This is an amazing opportunity to go love the church in Holiday through reaching their community with the gospel. Contact Pastor Corey Staton for more information.


Red Springs, North Carolina

When I June 25th-July 1st  

Who I High School Students and Leaders

Cost I $250 per person

More Information I We will be working with the Carpenters for Christ and staying at the NC Baptist Mission Camp. We will also be working with a women’s rehabilitation community where our female leaders and some female students minister and teach the women, and our other students and leaders do a VBS type program for their kids. There is also a boy’s home that we work with while we are there for teen boys who have been abandoned by their parents. We will be taking between 24-26 people. Contact Pastor Corey Staton for more information about this trip.


Kenya, Africa

When I June 16th-June 30th

Who I High School Students and Leaders

Cost I $2,950

More Information I We work with an organization that a member of our church started called Build the Village. We will be taking up to 18 people on this trip. In Kenya, we do a VBS program at many different schools including a deaf school. We go into local universities and colleges to share the gospel with the students and teachers as well as serve in an orphanage that is on the same site that we will be staying. We are actively involved in a prison ministry as well where we share the gospel, preach, serve, and play sports with the inmates. This trip will be led by Pastor Corey Staton.


Please email or with any questions about any of these trips!