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Summer Camp 2018

  • July 27, 2018 to July 31, 2018|7:00am – 5:00pm
  • Location: 84 Blue Ridge Assembly Rd., Black Mountain, NC 28711

Summer Camp is for all 6th-12th grade students. 


Early Bird Price: $299 From 3/31/-4/15

Regular Price: $319 From 4/16-6/15

Late Price: $339 From 6/16-7/17

Registration closes July 17th, 2018! 

 Get Medical Release Form HERE

Summer Camp 2018 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the policy for cell phones and electronics?

Cell phones: Cell Phones are not permitted at camp. Their leaders will have their phones if the student needs to call home through the five day trip. One of our goals at camp is to break away from the normal, having constant access to their phones prohibits that.

Electronics: All other electronics including iPads, portable game systems, and mp3 players are not permitted. Only stand-alone digital cameras are allowed. We will also have a leader taking pictures throughout the week that will be available online to all students.

If any electronic devices are seen, the camp staff will take these items until the end of camp. We will be careful, but won’t be responsible for the care/condition of the devices we confiscate. This policy includes bus travel time as well as camp.

2. Will I be refunded if after I have paid and registered for camp my student is unable to attend for unexpected circumstances?

Here is the policy regarding refunds:
Cancellations from March 31st-June 1 assessed $50 fee Cancellations from June 2-June 30 assessed $150 fee Cancellations after July 1 (no refund)

3. When will I know what counselor will be in my student’s cabin?

The Monday before camp (July 23), we will send out a camp email that will include a list of the all the leaders/pastors attending camp. However, this list will not indicate what leader will be assigned to your student. That information will be given to you the day we leave for camp (July 26).

4. When will I know what other students will be in my student’s group?

Everyone will be provided with a group list the day we leave for camp (July 27).

5. Can I drop off/pick up my student at a later/earlier time?

Yes, however, we do ask you to please inform the student ministries staff by July 17th that we might adequately
oversee and attend to our records. Please understand that this will not alter the price of Summer Camp as money has already been put in motion.

6. Can you guarantee that my student will be placed with their roommate request?

We do have a roommate request section on the camp registration. However, we cannot guarantee that your student will be rooming with that request. Due to the amount of students attending camp and the fact that many students are requested several times, it will not be possible for us to satisfy every request. This camp also has a unique setup, which means fewer campers will be in each room. There will be anywhere from 2-8 students in each room depending on the size of the room.

7. How often will middle school students interact with high school students?

This is usually a small concern for parents of middle school students. Middle School and High School students don’t really interact all that much except at meal times and sessions; but even then, the students are assigned general locations according to Middle School and High School.

8. Summer Camp Dress Code:

• Tank tops that have straps at least 3 fingers in width
(no spaghetti straps)
• Halter tops, tube tops, backless shirts, racer backs, muscle shirts, and shirts revealing midriff not permitted
• Bathing suits need to be modest one-pieces (fully covering top and bottom)
• Shorts need to be of a modest, appropriate length (at least thumb length when standing with arms straight down)
• Shorts may not be rolled at the waist
• While going to and from the pool, both guys and girls
will need to wear clothes over their bathing suits.
• Guys, please make sure your shorts/pants fit so that your underclothing is not seen
• Girls, please make sure your shorts/pants are not tight fitting and that no underclothing shows.
• T-shirts will be provided for anyone unable to follow these guidelines.
• These are not meant to be legalistic, but the importance of dressing appropriately is to be highly regarded. Our intent is not to regulate your clothing, but to help guide your hearts toward more Godly actions and thoughts.

9. Can I visit my student while he/she is at camp?

Yes, however, we ask for your cooperation in the following areas:

1. It is your responsibility to research and find your own lodging off-site.2. It is your responsibility to take care of your own transportation.
3. Please do not interfere with camp program/schedule.
4. Please do not take your student off-site unless you plan to permanently leave camp with your student. It becomes increasingly difficult for camp leaders to oversee students when they are coming on and off site.

10. How can my student get hold of me while at camp?

We will provide a list of emergency contact information with the email sent out the Monday before camp, (July 23).

11. When will I receive a “What to Bring/What NOT to Bring” List?

The “What to Bring/What NOT to Bring” List will be sent out the Monday before camp (July 23) along with the Summer Camp program and leader list.

12. What is the drop off/pick up time for camp?

Check in begins at 10:15 am on Friday, July 27th. Please make a note of this time so you are on time for Check in. Pick up will be at 6 pm at Colonial on Tuesday, July 31st.

13. What is the policy on administering medication at camp?

Unless otherwise arranged, students will be responsible for administering their own medication at camp. There is a spot on the medical form to list medications and the nurse will be available at check in to discuss any concerns you may have.

14. My student has a dietary restriction. Will the camp accommodate that?

Blue Ridge Assembly is willing to accommodate dietary restrictions provided they know ahead of time. Please contact Danielle Tocaben
or (828) 669-8422 at the camp to discuss this. She is our camp contact person at Blue Ridge Assembly and will relay the message to the kitchen staff.

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