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HS Winter Retreat

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Our High School Winter Retreat is a Friday-Sunday retreat for all high school students. This retreat will be hosted at Colonial Baptist Church and students will stay in host homes throughout the weekend!

This event will include main sessions, meals, an afternoon of serving the local church body and community, as well as many other activities.

Theme: What's so great about the church? Many students grow up knowing they should be at church or that it matters to their parents, yet there is often a huge disconnect between why students think the church exists and why it actually exists. Why do students need the church? How are we to approach the church? What is our role as the church? We will look at some biblical answers to these questions and more in our 4 sessions together.

Speaker: Jamie Dew, Dean of The College at Southeastern

Date: February 24th-26th, 2017

Check-In: Friday, February 24th at 7pm in the Cafe

Where: We will meet at Colonial on Friday evening and will end after the 9:30am service on Sunday morning.

Cost: $68 per person

Registration is now closed (FAQ's can be found HERE!)

Please email Nick Rundlett if you have any questions!

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